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XBOX-Name The Hive - (Show information about this player)
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Rented Server 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Lost Island
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 100 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 6x
Breeding-Value 25x
XP-Value 6x
Harvest-Value 6x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 50 Mbit and more
Category PVE-Server
Server Owner Daniel Collins
Votes 1
Saved as favorit 2
Hits 11072
Country United States US
⭐The Hive Community⭐
🦖60 Map Ark PvE Cluster🦖
🎮Xbox+Windows Crossplay🎮
💎Established October 2017 - No wipe!💎
❤Search “The Hive Community” to join!❤
(Ask for a starter pack in Discord!)
Join The Hive Community, we have been running for almost 5 years since the first day server hosting came to Xbox. We are the longest running non wipe top 10 PvE server, number 1 with each new dlc as well as being sponsored by Nitrado so we get faster tech help and other extra bonuses.
🌐Maps & Stats🌐
⭐Over 60 servers - All maps plus extras including:
3 Fjordur, 2 Lost Island, 3 GenPt2, 3 Ragnarök, 2 GenPt1, 2 Crystal Isles & 2 Island servers with more to come!
🔰Events map including PvP style Raid Events!
🔰Public and Supporter servers
Seasonal PvP server⭐
Taming server⭐
Streamer server⭐
Private servers⭐
+ more!
💎6x XP, 6x Harvest and 6x Taming
💎50x Hatch & 32x Maturation
💎+ Monthly evo boosts, special boosted rates & settings!
🦖Difficulty level 10 (Level 300 wild dinos)
🦖Default character level
🦖Low player food & water drain
🦖2.5x slower spoiling
🦖4x Fishing loot & custom recipes
🦖2x Slower fuel consumption
🦖50x Crop growth & decay
🦖5x Platform limit
🦖2x Oxygen swim speed
🌐Server Extras🌐
➡️Friendly & helpful admins
➡️Ticket system for fixes and assistance
➡️Community centers & adoption centers
➡️Events, prizes & giveaways
➡️Bush berry seed admin store
➡️Custom drops
➡️Starter packs can be found in white drops
➡️Starter dinos & packs from our lovely sages or players
➡️Transfer element between maps
➡️Stack mod/custom stack sizes
➡️No cryo sickness
➡️No Clip (Build into terrain)
➡️Special colour events such as Easter & Summer Bash!
➡️Cave flying
➡️Flyer carry (pick up wilds)
➡️Non-permanent diseases
➡️Flying stamina recovery
➡️Anyone can imprint!
If it's longevity and dedication that you want from a server or community then The Hive is the place to call home.
We have been around for many years and we will be here many more to come too, including Ark2 and beyond. There are not many hosts that can say they have ran since day1 of Nitrado hosting Ark way back in October 2017, and there’s no other hosts that can say they have been in the #1 server spot with every dlc released, that have never wiped and that are also sponsored by the server hosting company Nitrado, but we sure can.
Every day we are learning something new, always evolving, adapting and bettering ourselves and our community, join us today and get involved!
⭐We are a global geek & gamer community
⭐We have many other servers
⭐We are much more than just Ark & server hosting
⭐We have a streamer & content creator team
⭐We run weekly community game sessions
⭐Community Esports gaming
⭐Real life raffles and prizes
⭐Community movie nights
⭐Real life meet ups and events
⭐+ so much more!
The main hub of The Hive Community can found on our active 8000+ member Discord. Our Discord is a little different to most as we have gone with an early 2000’s chat room feel. It includes many channels and categories to cover almost all geek and gaming topics you can imagine. You will find channels available for most topics such as Streaming, V.R, Crypto, Sports, Motor vehicles, Tattoos, Comics, Hobbies, Skills, Artwork, TV + Movies, Anime, Books, Love, Health, Fitness, Wargames, Roleplay, Food, Photography, NSFW, and much more.
We also have channels dedicated to hosting streams, sharing clips, listening to music and playing a large range of Discord based games. Not only that but we also have a Discord activity ranking system that rewards you for interacting in the community with in game content, Hive merch and beyond!
❤Join The Hive Community today!❤
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