Lemuria Island Ark - PvE, Xbox/Windows, Excellent Admins & Activ


Lemuria Island Ark - Xbox/Win10 Cluster

Fair Tidings weary Survivor!

Herein on this journey of yours come rest a while on our lovely cluster, Lemuria Island! Here on this magnificent spit of dirt we have all you could ever need for your ARK adventure. A cluster filled with wonderful times, friends, creatures and experiences. Rates that feel like a boosted event all the time without the wretched lag of official. Come take a gander at our stats!

Taming - 9x
Harvest - 6x
Egg Hatch -15x
Experience - 5x
Maturation - 45x
Fishing Loot - 2x
Tame Limit - 150
Player Max Level - 125
Max Tribe Limit - 10 players
Wild Dino Max Level - 300 - Tek 360 - Wyvern 380

We even have every map making us a full cluster as well as 2 Event maps.

Fjordur - 16 slots
Gen 2 - 16 slots
Ragnarok - 16 slots
Aberration - 10 slots
Crystal Isles - 16 slots
Valguero - 10 slots
Extinction - 16 slots
Gen 1 - 10 slots
Scorched Earth - 10 slots
Lost Island - 10 slots
The Center - 10 slots
The Island - 16 slots

Fjordur PvE Event Map - 50 slots

Lost Island PvP Event Map - 32 slots

We even have a few customized mods to our cluster to improve everyone’s experience.

- Stack Mods

- Custom Drops

- Custom Dino Spawns

- Infinite Mindwipe

- Auto learn all non-tek engrams and Teleporter/Transmitter

We even have a starter kit available!!

What are you waiting for!? Come drop by our lovely Island and experience what it has to offer you and your friends! You won’t regret it.

Discord invite link ---> https://discord.gg/D8a5aNTk2Z

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