The Jungle 24/7 PVP 5x Harvest, Active Admins, Weekly Events


Welcome to The Jungle! We are a 24/7 PVP server with a great community and active admins :)


**Adding all maps on release**
**Community voted wipe**

FRESH WIPE ON February 9, 2024

-Server Settings-

5x Harvest
10x Taming
100x incubation
100x maturation
5 Min Imprints
150 Max level dino
105 max level player
150 turret limit
1x turret damage
4x experience
5x fishing
5x crop growth
6 man tribes, NO alliance
7 day grace for new tribes

-Global Player Stats-

Player health = 1x
Player stamina =1x
Player oxygen = 2.5x
Player food = 5x
Player water = 5x
Player weight = 10x
Player melee = 1x
Player fortitude = 2.75x
Player crafting = 3x

Dino health = .2x
Dino stamina = 1x
Dino food = 1x
Dino weight = 1000x
Dino melee= .14x

Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
Wolfie123 23
bettershelf33 21