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One of the longest running and active Xbox Ark servers. Now hosted in the UK with Nitrado for an even better experience, for UK players only. Already prepaid until October 2018 on both Ragnarock and Aberration in a cluster.

If you want a server with staying power and a friendly community, you've found it! We've been online 24/7 since April 2016, with a single fair admin with a focus on building a great UK Ark community.

Regular events and community activities. The server is PVE but we have PVP between 8pm-10pm each evening for PVP events and those that do agree to fight each other (with rules to keep those not interested safe). It's mainly used for events so don't join expecting to PVP as you will be disappointed. All Tek engrams unlock at level 85 and element can be found in blue drops. Max level wild dinos is set to 180.

To join you must sign up on our website, if accepted you'll receive an email with the server password.

Visit www.ukarkserver.com for full server settings and rules. Also add our Twitter account for instant updates: @UKARKSERVER.

The rules are enforced 100% so do read them before joining, not knowing the rule is no excuse for breaking them.

Check the website for the latest server information.
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