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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 50 players
Taming-Value 10-times
Breeding-Value 10-times
XP-Value 4-times
Harvesting-Value 8-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Brent Scott
Votes 0
Hits 2397
Country United States US


Server can be joined by searching "Slang" in search bar under unofficial pc sessions.

Slang N Tame is a moderately-boosted Ragnarok/Aberration/Extinction/Center cluster-server for long-term players to call home. Helping new players is strongly encouraged on this server. All items, tames, and characters can be transferred through the cluster. This is a server where the players still have to grind, but without that never-ending feelings that official servers give. You will still get that sense of gratification when you catch your first griffin, raise your first wyvern, or get that Tek gear you've been working so hard to get. S&T is ran by admins with experience on previous nitrado-rented servers. Admin activity will be at a bare-minimum. There will be no pay-to-win. Any donations will be directly used towards server run time. We believe that players should only donate to the server if they enjoy playing on it, not to give them an advantage in-game. Donations are greatly appreciated, but by no-means required.

8x harvesting
10x Taming
10x Breeding
4x XP
.5x Egg laying intervals
.25 Hydration & starvation multiplier so requires eating food/water less often
Baby cuddle interval multiplier at .5 so people can get full imprint with boosted maturation
.75 Day cycle speed (only on rag)
2.0 Night cycle speed (only on rag)
150 Max level wild dinos
8 people max per tribe

No offline raid protection. No starter packs. Rules in-place to protect new tribes!

1. No wiping tribes. Tribes work hard for their bases, no need to excessively destroy them.
2. No killing passive tames. Tribes work hard for their tames, no need to kill them unless they are used in raids or other PVP situations.
3. 2 land bases, 1 water base per tribe. Excessive building causes server-lag, and in order to reduce server lag as much as possible we ask that players do not build excessive amounts of bases. Traps do not count as bases.
4. Don't be an ass. If we feel that your only purpose on the server is to troll people and piss people off then you will be banned. Everybody loves server drama, as long as the drama stays within the guidelines of the rules then everything will be fine.
5. No raiding new tribes

First offense rule breakers will receive warning, second offense will result in temporary ban. Third offense resulting in permanent ban.

We hope to see you soon. We aim to provide the best ark experience for every player. Any suggestions on server changes will be considered, thank you!



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