WE ARE LEGION purge weekends, 6Man,10x Harvest, EZ Imprints, ALL MAPS

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XBOX Name Sh0ttysquad905 - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 100 players
Taming-Value 25-times
Breeding-Value 25-times
XP-Value 5-times
Harvesting-Value 10-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Joe Smyth
Votes 192
Hits 2768
Country United States US


◼️We Are Legion◼️

Welcome everyone, we are legion is a cluster built for long term players! A grinders Paradise and a breeders heaven! With **100 times incubation and 75 times maturation** No time is wasted!

Player experience is set to 5x to prevent daily trolls and assure that the active users are here to stay!

Player levels is also set low to assure that you have to put in the time to have good stats, you won’t be starting out as a max character here! Remember, **max level characters is 180, 230 after ascension** so trust me you will have good stats!

Dino Levels are extremely balanced, Due to **max levels being 250** turret damage is set to 1.5 and has been tested and tested to make sure raids are still fun and fair!

We offer **6 man tribes** with **no alliances** to prevent a mega alliance forming and destroying the experience for new tribes and members.

Small tribes are most definitely welcome!

◼️Server Rules◼️

**what NOT to do**

-place spam behind the mesh.
-dupe items.
-PvP at any obelisk/community build.
-leave randomly placed turrets.
-leave Fobs up..they all must be taking down by the end of the purge.
-build MORE than one base on a map. There’s no need for more than one in 6 man tribes.
-racism or verbally assaulting

▪️If you get wiped by any form of cheating I will happily hook you up▪️


There will be no:
- racism
- Cyber bullying
- Nudity
- Verbally assaulting someone
*You will receive a 2 hour mute for first offence, than it doubles each time.*

◼️Dino Stats◼️
Dino food = 3x
Dino health = official
Dino damage = official
Dino speed = 2x
Dino stamina = 2x
Dino water = 3x
Dino weight = 20000

◼️Player Stats◼️
0: Health = official
1: Stamina = official
2: Torpidity = official
3: Oxygen = 10x
4: Food = 2x
5: Water = 2x
6: Temperature = official
7: Weight = 1000x
8: MeleeDamageMultiplier = official
9: SpeedMultiplier = 1.5x
10: TemperatureFortitude = 10x
11: CraftingSpeedMultiplier = official

◼️Server Stats◼️

▪️10x Harvest

▪️100x Taming

▪️100x incubation

▪️75x maturation

▪️23 Min Imprints

▪️6 man tribes No alliances

▪️250 Max level dino

▪️180 max level player

▪️1.5x Turret damage

▪️5x experience

▪️0.3 structure resistance

▪️5x fishing

▪️5x crop growth

? 6x turret damage Monday-Thursday ZERO structure damage

?1.5 turret damage Friday-Sunday 0.2 structure damage


pt taming kit - basic armor - cryopod

**Abberation white drops**
hazard gear, crossbow, grapples, clomping picks

argy taming kit - boosted basic armor - cryopod


player consumables

part boss fight (random artifacts and trophys)

full boss fight set

tools - weapons

tool - weapon - ammo BP's


saddle BP's


armor BP's


*easy*- 300 element & 150 BBS (pre boss)
*medium*- 600 element & 250 BBS (per boss)
*hard*-750 element & 350 BBS (per boss)

random chance for element & BBS (milk in wyverns)
(you are not guarantee to get ele or bbs it is a % chance)


?Event Map?

Everytime you complete a raid base and you please make sure you tell me so I can roll back the server.
When you have safely transferred the loot off of course!
This will allow everyone to get a chance at take the bases down.

**Challenge the owner**

Come pvp! Ez kits!
Challenge me to a battle at my castle on the event server. Get by me and receive all the loot!!

**Becoming Champion**

Receive your own **CHAMPION** role by becoming the best boxer, gladiator, wolf fighter! How ever you decide to battle at the arena!

1000 BBS buy in.
10 000 BBS pay out + *CHAMPION ROLE*

**Challenge the Champion**
You can challenge anytime! As long as the champ accepts. To be official it has to take place in the arena with at least 1 witness.

The Great Climb

Ninja warrior track, come test your skills on the biggest and highest ninja warrior track made!! Huge rewards if you make it to the top!!

King of The hill

Fight your way to the top of the tower with nothing but a club in your hand! Hold down the top for 10 seconds to win! But watch out!! Don’t fall in the water!
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