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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Crystal Isles
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 100 players
Taming-Value 25-times
Breeding-Value 25-times
XP-Value 5-times
Harvesting-Value 25-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Brandon Fernandez
Votes 0
Hits 252
Country United States US


I have played many servers in my 130+ hours on ark, some bad and some good. With my accumulated knowledge, I have created X Server. X Server is a server with all the quality components of a boosted server and is balanced so everyone has a chance! Hard work is a necessity here on X server, grinding is highly promoted and slackers will definitely have a hard time surviving. The rates are as such: 50x taming for quickly acquiring dinos to get you started on your breeding. 40x Mature cuts the time down for breeding dinos and raising them but not so much to where people have Over Powered dinos in one day. 30x harvest so you spend less time gathering and more time creating and building. X server is also a community! We have a discord where people can gather and trade dinos, gear, recruit tribe mates, receive starters, see the latest updates on ark, play games, talk shit and give suggestions on what they think will benefit the server. There is NO ADMIN ABUSE! I have played on too many servers where this is the case, so you can play at ease knowing big brother isn't watching or playing! As of now we have 5 maps, Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles and extinction. There will be more maps on the way in the near future! So come and join our community and grind your ASS off and have fun! 24/7 pvp baby!


White drops: Variety of kibble, Honey, Vegie Cakes and Med brews
Alpha white drops: Variety of high level kibble, Honey, Vegie Cakes, Med brews, Mind wipe and chance for Advanced rifle bullet blue print
Green drops: Cryo-pods 1-4
Alpha green drops: Cryo-pods 1-4, Cryo-fridges 1-4
Blue drops: Flak starter set, Pic axe, Hatchet and Metal shield
Alpha blue drops: Chance for good flak, Tranq arrows, Tranq darts, chance for good crossbows, flame arrows and chance for good pic axes and hatchets.
Purple drops: 1 artifact
Alpha purple drops: 1-2 artifacts
Yellow drops: Chance for good saddles 1-2
Alpha yellow drops: Chance for GREAT QUALITY saddles 1-2
Red drops: 10 plant z,10 plant y, chance for decent fabricated sniper/ longneck, good flak, chance for flak bp
Alpha red drops:10 plant z,10 plant y, chance for plant y and z seeds, chance for great fabricated sniper/ longneck, great flak, better chance for flak bp


X server is for x box one and windows 10
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