Realism -4Man-FREE ARGY & ANKY - NO WIPE - Balanced PvP- Giveaways

Position 1 Server Push

Hereby you can push THIS server back to the first position in the highlighted servers' area. The remaining time of highlighting will not be affected by this. Additionally the position of THIS server can change in time through pushes of other or new highlighted servers The current price of pushing this server back to position 1 is: 4,99 EUR

The current price is calculated by:
Base price = 1,00€ for each highlighted server, plus 0,99€ as service fee.


XBOX-Name Sh0ttysquad905 - (Show information about this player)
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Rented Server
Server map The Center
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 100 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 4x
Breeding-Value 20x
XP-Value 1x
Harvest-Value 2x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 1 Mbit and less
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Joe Smyth
Votes 1
Saved as favorit 1
Hits 354
Country United States US
Welcome To Realism! The grand finale!! A true official stat cluster asides from breeding! 24/7 PVP 4 man tribes with no alliance! Fight your own fight!

Check out the server information channels for all information about the server specifications, discord roles and agree to the policies to receive your members tag!

Bringing a balanced cluster to life with challenging PvP.

**Realism Policies**

-No racism.
-No harassment.
-No disrespecting members in ANYWAY out side of Ark Survival.
-All shit talk and banter must remain related to Ark Survival.
-Make use of the proper discord channels.
-All tribes may only have 1 base per map, plan accordingly.
-No PvP at obelisks
-No saddle building exploits to prevent your Dino from taking damage.
-No meshing/dossing/dupping.
-provide video/photo proof for any situation or it never happened.

**GAMEPLAY Settings**

- 4 man tribes
- No alliance
- 105 max player level
- 150 max dinosaur level
- 180 max tek level
- 190 max wyvern level
- 225 max crystal Wyvreen
- Global harvest rate 2x
- 125% loot quality
- 20x mature speed
- 100x incubation speed
- 0.8x Mating intervals
- 59 minute imprint frequency
- Imprint stat scale 1.0
- Imprint grace period 3.0
- No tek Auto Unlock engram

**PLAYER Stats**
- Health, +10
- Stamina, +10
- Oxygen, +40
- Food, +50
- Water, +50
- Weight, +50
- Melee, +5%
- Speed, +1.5%
- Fortitude, +4
- Crafting speed, +20%
Nickname (max. 100 Players) Number of votes this month
They call me Gerf 1