Realism Ark 6MAN No Wipes [Boosted Starter Map]


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Rented Server 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 100 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 4x
Breeding-Value 20x
XP-Value 1x
Harvest-Value 4x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 50 Mbit and more
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Joe Smyth
Votes 11
Saved as favorit 4
Hits 766
Country United States US
🛡⚡️**Realism Policies**⚡️🛡

🚫No racism.

🚫No harassment.

🚫No disrespecting members in ANYWAY out side of Ark Survival.

🚫All shit talk and banter must remain related to Ark Survival.

🚫Make use of the proper discord channels.

🚫All tribes may only have 1 base per map, plan accordingly.

🚫No PvP at obelisks OR any of the ADMIN community areas

🚫No saddle building exploits to prevent your Dino from taking damage.

🚫No meshing/dossing/dupping.

🚫provide video/photo proof for any situation or it never happened.

🚫Remove your traps when done.{unless it’s a very nice trap than it must be left unlocked for everyone to use}

🚫no fully wiping another base, take what you need and leave. (Unless your taking the spot)

🚫Tribe name must remain the same across all maps.

🚫No Mass Breeding🚫
leaving your Dinos on mating to the point where you come online and claim such dinos.

**If you experienced the usual being ARKED** I’m sorry but a lot of issues are a common thing and we can’t do anything about.

♻️**Please remember to sleep on beds to prevent spawning in the mesh**♻️

⭐️⭐️**Building in Rat Holes**⭐️⭐️
*allowed but only rat holes that can be accessible without using chairs, dinos or knocking yourself out to wake up in the rat hole*
You take the chance of wildcard patching your hole, especially on the new maps.
I am not responsible for your stuff if you decide to build behind the mesh and the spot gets patched.

🕵🏽**Rules of Admin Engagement**🕵🏽

-1st warning will be verbal.❌
-2nd warning will be a Dino wipe.❌❌
-3rd warning will be a structure wipe.❌❌❌

🦦**Rules of Mods**🦦

-1st you will be warned.❌
-2nd you will be muted.❌❌
-3rd depending on situation your mute will be extended and or possibly kicked.❌❌❌
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