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Rented Server
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 32 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 25x
Breeding-Value 10x
XP-Value 25x
Harvest-Value 10x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 50 Mbit and more
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Eric Johnson
Votes 3
Saved as favorit 0
Hits 71
Country United States US


||Ark Hub||
||Helpful admins||Admins do not play!!!||

- Max level is 300 , Tek-360, Wyverns-380

-Element is transferable. (just put shards into indy cooker and transfer and put soap into repi to make ele )
Step one- Turn one piece of element into 100 shards
Step two- put said shards into an industrial cooker. example : 100 shards will give you 1 soap
step three- go to rep and make one soap into 1 Element.
this way element is transferable and shards can be crafted back into element. nothing goes to waste.

- suggestions are always welcome. Put them in the suggestion tab.

- Never any worries of admins playing. Admins are not allowed to play, not even on an alt account!

- We pride ourselves on being proper admins. Most admins have many years of experience playing on different servers. We have taken the favorite parts of those servers and combined them into our own server. Along with the voices from our community. Which means we are a mix of setting’s. Welcome to our/communities creation.

- Remember to read the rules

10X Harvesting Amount

Infinite Weight, Boosted Drops, Instant Level and Tame, Auto Engrams, 100x hatch 200X Mature Speed, 5X Crop Growth, Players Stats Custom Boosted. Kibble is custom and most recipes are custom (stone, fiber, hide, cooked meat )

Human Hair is IN GAME CURRENCY 400 hair = $1.00

Rag Treasure Chests now have a small chance of ADV bp's and a greater chance for tek replicators

White Drops Contains your starter needs. Longneckchance of bp, flak, tranqs , cryopod , structures & what not.

White Bonus Drops Contains your painting goodies

Green Drop's Contains Weapons,Hazmat suits and more flak.

Green Bonus Drop's Contain randomized saddles and Chance of Saddle Bp's

Blue Drop's Contain your Kibble and taming needs including blood bags and primal crystals.

Blue Bonus Drop's Contain randomized Skins.

Purple Drop's Contain Boss fight & Ascension Needs.

Purple Bonus Drop's Contain randomized Chibi's

Yellow Drop's Contain Resources

Yellow Bonus Drop's Contain fabi,Hazard,ammo cryopod

Red Drop Contains Riot gear, Heavy and Tek turrets, ammo, 10 ele

Red Bonus Drops Contains IGC- human hair, tek, resources, ammo, Fishing rod , 50 element

Deep sea drops contain a Tek rep and resources

Beaver Dams contain Resources and 10 Element each. 5 human hair each

Boss Fights are nicely kitted unless you do easy then you get the least amount of element and some poop I will say meks(no mek bp) ,tek tapejara,rex,rockdrake etc. are in the Alpha Boss fights and adv bps and human hair
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