Welcome challengers! This is The Ark Games! We will be hosting various games and events for anyone to face! Are you bold enough? Brave enough? Clever enough? Take on our challenges!

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Club name: The Ark Games

Join on server host to join game. (You do not need a game invite)
Server Host: X1ArkServerSJ

Message Skippy Jax with any questions or feedback.

Maturity is appreciated.

This is not a permanent server. New servers are made with new events. It is not a 24/7 server. Server is up as long as the game lasts.

Current Load: Official Ark

SOTF: Survival of the Fittest
Any stats not listed are more than likely default or very slightly boosted
Map: The Island
Difficulty level: Max
Force No HUD: Yes
Disable Loot Crates: No
Third Person: Yes
Hardcore: Yes
PvE: Yes
Show Player on Map: Yes
XP Multiplier: Instant Max
Taming Speed: 10.5
Harvest Amount: 10
Food Drain: .5
Dino food consumption: 1.5
Alliances: On
Diseases: On
ORP: Off
Cave Flyers: On
Night Speed: 1.5
Corpse Decomposition: A long time
Resource Radius: .3
Mating interval: .4
Egg Hatch & Baby Maturation Speed: 3
Cuddle Interval: .5
Resources respawn period: .3
Dino stats: Default, Exception: Melee increased .5
Floating damage text: Off
Player Stats: Slightly Boosted, Exception: Weight overly increased

Flyer saddle engrams are turned off!

Rules and steps for SOTF:

1. When the server is launched join game and wait for Jax to teleport to you. When he does join his tribe. After you join the tribe your one and only life begins.

2. Everyone is to join the tribe so we all get death notifications.(Remember HUD is Off)

3. Once you have joined the tribe your game has began. When the tribe leader stops inviting people to the tribe no one else may join the server. Anyone not in the tribe will be temporarily banned.Anyone who leaves the tribe mid game will be banned eternally from future events.

4. Survive as long as you can by any means.

5. Your game is over once you die. Please leave the game and wait for the next event. If you decide not to leave the game you will be banned from future events and the server.

6. The winner is the last man standing. There can and will only be one winner.

-If you disconnect you still have your life.

-If the server crashes it will be rebooted. Everyone may continue.

-For whatever reason you get off the server but have not died, you may rejoin. But your life will not be counted until you are back on. Meaning, you are considered dead until you return.

Connection and server issues:

Ark can be hard to host. The server may crash or you may have an issue connecting to the server.
In the past the problem has most often been on the players side not the host. The host nor the admins will spend time troubleshooting the problem for you individually.
We suggest you reset your router and hard reset your xbox.
If you cannot solve the problem you are out of luck. Try again next game.
In the event that the server crashes, it will be rebooted.
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