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Hosted Server?
Server map The Island
Daily availability 12-18 hours
Players Max. 45 players
Taming-Value 1-times
Breeding-Value 1-times
XP-Value 1-times
Harvesting-Value 1-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 5-10 Mbit
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Jaren Wimberly
Votes 0
Hits 124
Country United States US


A pretty chill boosted pvp sever. The Rules goes as followed
1. No resource blocking such as caves and mountains.
2. No griefing other players. It is a pvp sever so you can kill, raid and go to war with other players or tribes but do not just spawn kill or continuously hunt down the same player over and over again.
3. When raiding a person base do not go over board. No killing of passive tames and only destroy/kill what is needed to get into the base and out. No Wiping unless you are at war with another tribe.
4. If two tribes decide to go to war with one another, the two tribe leaders have to meet with an admin and discuss the terms of said war like how long will it last, is killing of passive dinos acceptable so fourth and so on.
5. War between two tribes end in 1 of 3 ways:
1. When one tribe is completely wiped. (Total Victory)
2. When one tribe concedes defeat and wants to negotiate how they can end the war early. (Negotiating Victory)
3. When both tribes don't want to waste anymore resources, dinos, or time the the tribes leaders can meet with an admin together to declare a draw.
6. In the event a tribe wins a Negotiating Victory, the tribes two leaders will get together with an admin and negotiate what the losing tribe has to do or give up e.g. provide 10,000 metal every week for a month.
7. When capturing someone you can not hold the person in captivity for more than 24 hours unless at war in which the time is depend on how long the war goes on for. Once the war ends all captured people must be set free.
8. When people come into the sever depending on how many there are off them will dictate how long they have until they can be messed with.
1-3 tribe members 7 days
4-6 tribe members 5 days
7-10 tribe members 3 days
9.Every Person Coming into the sever will get starter pack which includes
1. metal Pick
2. metal hatchet
3. pike
4. water jar
5. spy glass
6. 20 cooked meat
7. full set of hide armour
10. This is pvp so don't get mad if you are raided.
11. Any rule breakers will first be giving a warning, then a ban, and finally a permanent ban.
12. Ark is still a video game so make sure to have to fun.
XP Multiplier: 4, Taming Speed: 2, Harvest Amount: 3, Lay egg interval: 3, egg hatch speed: 3, baby mature speed: 6.
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