O slevin
This is a pvp server that has certain aspects boosted, while others remain mostly similar. Quick leveling, gathering, taming and breeding provide for past paced fun content while the only boosted stats are the ones that affect weight and stamina and a few other categories.

There are no delegated admins, only I, the server creator. I will be playing along side other survivors without using any admin commands for anything at all, not even for myself so don't ask.

This server is meant to play like the original game, just slightly more convenient. I have an active discord for members of the server to use for general chat on the server, tribe trade, recruitment and most importantly, to reach me so I can make sure the server stays healthy for the sake of your game play! Report all issues to:

There are no rules, just like the original game. Choose your friends wisely and your enemies wiser.

Share with your friends, have fun and survive!
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