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Arkman Admin
I run the biggest dedicated server on all of ark and have since two days before launch. Check the official forums to see, under Arkman.
UPDATED 5/15/16 : SERVER WILL BE WIPED on patch day and everyone will start from scratch.

There will be a Super Resources for 2 weeks to help you build up. It will be PVP ALL THE TIME.

If you get your feelings hurt when you or your dinos or your base gets attacked, then this is not the server for you.... fighting will happen, its pvp.

If you you think your the best pvp'er in ark, bring your tribe, dinos, items and your skills and lets test them out!!!

This account is set up to run a dedicated server( PVP ) for Ark for the Xbox One platform. This server will run the entire length of the games life 24/7, and even after the official game comes out. I have an Xbox One specifically for this purpose. The server will have the following: x 12 Taming, x 12 xp, max resource gathering, .4- less food and water intake,Dino weight has been maxed to carry more stuff. The server will host the max amount of players and will be in EST(timezone). In the future I will adjust the taming, harvest, and xp to the maximum as the updates roll out for increases.( less time taming and more time fighting/playing ).Difficulty will be 1.0 or possibly higher in the future.

Everything else is fair game!

Rules are subject to be added at any time,to preserve server longevity and fairness.

If you would like join this server/ have questions PLEASE ADD: Arkman admin : to your friends on xbox live and send me a message on live. This way you can quick join through my gamer tag and now have to worry with finding it through the Ark join list

Also if you would like to report a hacker to the server admin please e-mail me,send a message on here, or message Arkman admin in game when you get the chance. [email protected].

Thanks and have fun.... and survive!
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