Cerberus 24/7 PvP

Welcome to Cerberus 24 7 we are a 24/7 RP PvP server dedicated to offering those who are sick of getting destroyed by an Alpha tribe a place in our server, the admins are kind and fair, we have big plans for the future such as allowing players to become bounty hunters, and have shopkeepers who are able to sell their own product legally, or illegally. See you around. Additionally. There will be no Character/Dino/Item transfers allowed to maintain equality throughout the server. Add the gamertag MsChronicSmilez and I will try my best to respond accordingly. If I am not online, add a different gamertag, perhaps one of the people that recruited you. If everything else fails post "Can someone invite me (Your gamertag). Whatever you do, do not post "How do I get in the server". :)
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