Server Name: IndyArk

Server Locale: Indianapolis, IN USA

Specs/Connection: Xbox One runs on a Samsung 500GB SSD and is hardwired to a fiber optic network with 200/25 Mbps speeds


Description: IndyArk is a PvPvE server with rules designed to help keep PvP fun.

Player Base: About 100 accounts have logged on to play on Sennbro. The recent string of broken Ark patches have caused many of our regulars to play other games. We average about 5-10 players a night currently, so we are looking to repopulate. Not everyone is on the IndyArk Forums. Being active there is not a requirement to play on the server however it would be helpful if at least one member of a tribe is represented. Lastly, (to help keep ping low for everyone) we ask that you be connecting from within the United States or Canada.


1. Do not completely destroy a base or continuously attack the same person over and over again. Would you want someone to completely wipe your base? Would you want someone to kill you repeatedly for hours on end? Same for keeping someone prisoner, don’t force feed to keep them locked up for hours and hours. Keep in mind that having multiple turrets is a two-edged sword. A raider will likely destroy more of your base to be able to get past heavy turret defense. This is how the game works.

2. No blatant or excessive killing of passive tames. A raider is not responsible for someone's poorly positioned passive tames. Collateral damage is to be expected if people leave passive tames too close to a base that is raided. Expect some passives to die in a raid – the more turrets lining your base walls, ceilings, etc. the more likely you’ll lose dinos nearby.

3. No blocking of any caves. You can build near them but your structure cannot impede access. Turrets around the entrances are not acceptable and will be considered as blocking the cave entrance.

4. No foundation or pillar spamming. If you want a spot, build there.

5. Do not build a base on a location that is already inhabited by another tribe. If you decide to build on occupied territory, your base can be wiped out by another tribe.

6. Do not build more bases than physically possible to use. Demolish structures after you're done using them. The more the Sennbro Xbox has to work at generating random campfires, taming pens, standing torches, foundations, etc. that people leave laying around, the more lag we endure.

7. No base building on the Center Floating Island. We're rebuilding the gladiator and tranq dart arenas, the racetrack and putting up other server community-focused stuff on it.

8. Minimize swearing in global chat. There are a few younger players on the server and we don’t need to corrupt them…too much anyways.

9. Rules 1 and 2, at the agreeance of two parties, can be ignored if those 2 parties wish to engage in all-out war with each other. This needs to be declared on the IndyArk forum so as to avoid any confusion or issues. The declaration of all-out war does not give those 2 parties a clear pass to ignore Rules 1 and 2 in regards to other players on the server.

Failing to abide by the rules will result in a warning and subsequent offenses can result in a permanent removal from the server.

Server Specifications:

Map: The Center

Difficulty: 1.0

Global Voice Chat: Disabled

Proximity Text Chat: Disabled (Global text chat/Voice proximity chat is the default)

Notify Player Left: Disabled

Notify Player Joined: Disabled

NoTributeDownloads: Enabled (Character/dino/item transfers are not allowed)

Enable Crosshair: Disabled

Force No HUD: Disabled

Show Map Player Location: Disabled

Non-Permanent Diseases: Enabled

Everything is GAME DEFAULT with the following exceptions:

XP Multiplier: 3.0

Taming Speed: 4.0

Harvest Amount: 2.5

EggHatchSpeed: 3.0

BabyMatureSpeed: 5.0

BabyFoodConsumptionSpeed: 0.5

How To Join:

On Xbox, add the server’s gamertag Sennbro to your friends list in order to Join. Sennbro is online to FRIENDS ONLY. If you're a new player, Xbox message softfuzz or kevdoggkev to expedite being added to Sennbro's friends list. In your message, please tell us where you're connecting from and (if any) how many friends you're bringing with you. PLEASE do not message Sennbro directly. Thanks!
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