Scorched Earth Dlc Server!!

Obey BigT
How to contact- "Msg xBigT or Dippinn All Day for more info"

What do we offer- One of the best servers u can find, with plenty of PVP little rules and many events! Such as spawned in bosses with incredible loot! We also use the ideas of the inhabitants of the server so feel free to suggest!


Rules- As the admins we do not interfere with your player interactions and abuse our power to ruin anyone's fun. But we would hope u would do the same. No griefing, raiding is fine and all but no need to wipe someone off the server we look down upon that. New tribes have a 2 day grace policy can build without any raiding attempts.

Server Settings:
Taming 6x
Harvest 6x
Incubation 6x
Dino stats 1x

Come and join us!
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