[US]Lunacy Solo/Duo/Trio x25 Abb

Lunacy PvP Solo/Duo/Trio x25
Xbox Windows 10 Ark Cluster

Season 5

Ragnarok PvP
Center PvP
Island PvP
Abberation PvP
Genesis PvP
Scorched Earth PvP
Valguero PvP
Crystal Isles PvP
Extinction PvP
Ragnarok PvE

x25 Harvest
x100 Taming
Max Player Level 112/162
Max Ascenscion Level 162
Max Wild Dino level 225/285
Max 3 Tribe Limit
No Alliances

[Balanced PvP]
[Stack mod]
[Custom Drops]
[Custom Dino Spawns]
[Custom Recipes]
[Boosted Crafting]
[Boosted Stats]
[Boosted Bosses]
[Boosted Dino HP]
[Boosted Breeding]
[100% Imprinting]

- In-Game Currency
- Discord Currency
- PvE Starter Server
- Cave Damage x3
- Turret Damage x4
- Crossplay Enabled
- No Admin Players
- Experienced Admin
- Infinite pickup
- Unlimited Respecs
- Cave Fliers Enabled
- Auto Unlock Engrams
- New York Hosted
- Long Seasons

Discord gg v4WDmr529C
Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
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