"You find yourself in Adaesu, an unforgiving, cruel and chaotic continent that is inhabited by primeval beasts. You are naked and alone; nowhere is truly safe, Yet in chaos there is opportunity. Do you have what it takes to grow from a tribe to establish an empire? Will you unite the people of Adaesu and bring peace to the continent? ....Or perhaps you want be a simple trader, leading a modest life and making changes in small ways.

Which path will you take? The choice is yours, Survivor."

Survive Stormont - Xbox/Win10 Prim +/Ragnarok are recruiting! We're looking for RPVPVE Narrative/Roleplay orientated players to join our co-operative server, players who can get along well and work together with other players/tribes, we do not tolerate trolls

You can apply at www.survivestormont.com/recruitment we also have an app (android) for easy viewing http://bit.ly/2AqVuSR Please make sure you have a look around http://www.survivestormont.com/about
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